About underground cities


⁣Since 2013, Edward Snowden has claimed that the CIA is hiding information about underground cities and the civilization living in them. Allegedly, the UFO moves not only through the Earth’s atmosphere, but also along the seabed, in hydrothermal vents, volcanoes and directly in solar orbit. In addition, there is an interesting connection between the map of US cave systems and the map of the locations of missing people.

What’s also interesting is that “American Horror Story” (season 10, episodes 7-10) has a similar scenario; according to this scenario, the US authorities cooperate with aliens (who live on earth), exchanging people’s lives for scientific and technological progress. By the way, the first part of the season (season 10, episodes 1-6) talks about adrenochrome tablets and vampires who, by feeding on blood, receive inspiration and unleash their creative potential, but however, this is a completely different story...

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